Noga Noya Pendant



The "bitten" cubes of the "Noya/Noga" collection became popular as soon as they were released.

    Create a dramatic impression in your staircase or high ceiling space. These fixtures with anywhere from three to as many cubes as you want are suitable for any space.

    You can have it all with the same color, or have as many color combinations as you want. Contact us if you'd like us to advise you on what will be your best option for your space.

    In order to mix and match, color or sizes or stack them differently, please request a custom order. Otherwise, we will contact you after your order to help you decide the way you'd like to stack it.

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    More Details:


    • Bulbs included
    • Handmade
    • Not dimmable by default – contact us for a dimmable option.
    • All components are UL approved
    • Suitable for the USA or Europe,110V or 220V
    • Each element is carefully bubble wrapped to ensure safe delivery.

    With this pendant, you can create an infinite number of chandeliers.

    • You can select a few pendants for a small space like a kitchen Island or bathroom, or as many pendants as you like to fill out any space.
    • You can pick only one color, or mix as many colors as you want.
    • You can have all the pendant the same size, or mix different sizes within the same chandelier.
    • You can choose the pendants to be hung in a straight line for your kitchen island, a rectangle over your dining room, a square in the middle of your living room or cluster them in an airy or cluttered look to enhance your entryways, foyer, or stairs.
    • You can select the height of the chord based on your ceiling height.
    • You can even buy it as a single pendant that will be perfect for your bedside lamps

    If you would like to help us customize the best piece for your space or hesitate in any of the options offered below, please request a custom design, and we will help you express the uniqueness of your home.


    • Comes in 36 different colors.
    • You can use as many colors you like, no change in price
    • If you would like to select several color patterns and create a more creative combination of colors, contact us.
    • Cord color: metal

    Canopy Size and Color:

    • 12 Colors available in our Catalog (view canopy color picture)
    • 4 Colors available to select in our online shop 
    • Please contact us to select any of the other 8 colors.
    • The shape can be either square, rectangle, or circle.
    • The size depends on the size of the hanging lamp you pick..


      Pendants Measurements:
      view catalog (option available to buy online or to contact us to order)

      • Noga : 3.3" x 3.3" x 3.3" (15x15x15 cm) | SML-1774
      • Noa: 4.7" x 4.7 x 4.7" (12x12x12 cm) | SML-1956
      • Noya : 6" x 6" x 6" (15x15x15 cm) | SML-1531


      Drop Cords Measurements:

      • Please let us know how high your ceiling is, and we will customize it as needed.
      • You will get the chandelier fixed for your ceiling height 


      Bulb Type:

      • Led E27 8W
      • Led G9 5W 
      • Easy to replace
      • Bulbs available for both 120V (USA) and 220V (EU/AUS) (according to the shipping address)
      • Replacement bulbs are available in Home Depot and online
      • Not dimmable by default – contact us for a dimmable option



      • It takes us 4 weeks to produce custom lighting
      • Shipping using insured and trackable airmail.


      Care and use instructions:

      • Clear installations instructions will arrive with the fixture
      • Use a dust brush to clean


      Our interior designers can help customize the right products so they fit perfectly in your space.

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