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Light In Art

Light in Art brings beauty and comfort into any space using our beautiful custom glass and brass designs. Our goal is to spark your life and bring brightness to your space.

About Me

“My name is Michelle Krief. I am an interior designer and the owner of Light In Art. Lighting is one of the most prominent pieces in any space. Our mission is to help you customize each product to suit your needs and take your house design to the next level.”

What do we sell?

We carry chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, glass painting with LED back light, glass tiles that will help you create a heartfelt environment and express the singularity of your house. All the pieces are unique, ageless and handmade.

What type of space

Our lighting can be used anywhere from dining rooms, entryways, stairways, wall space or any commercial spaces. We design the light fixtures to suit your style and personality for your space.

Light In Art curates the work of multiple
famous artists from around the world


After more than 20 years as a professor, Peleg chose to follow his passion and began his second career as a glass artist. Since 2006, Peleg has impressed the art world with his creative light fixtures, vitrage and abstract art pieces. He creates glass material from the inspiration of his surrounding. His art is a reflection of what he sees in nature.

B. Maya

B. Maya started to learn glass blowing when he was just 17 years old. He was inspired by his uncle who was a master artist glass blower. Holding the glass and rotating it while exhaling into the glass to make unique shapes and designs is his amazing skill and something that exquisite designs and styles.


Our interior designers can help customize the right products so they fit perfectly in your space.